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August 24th, 2015

5 Important Tips for Property Management

When it comes to residents looking for an apartment, the number one thing they look for is safety. If you’re a property manager, make sure you have a tight security to prevent any crime. Here are some tips to consider for your community.

1 Review your security devices. This includes cameras, lights, locks and common area entrances. Your gates should also be checked.

2. Identify your staff, especially your maintenance staff. A lot of burglars will use tools to enter the resident’s unit and they are mistake as a maintenance staff. Be sure to require maintenance workers to carry a picture ID and wear the same uniforms.

3. Screen your employees. This can prevent potential problems and it will also give residents a piece of mind.

4. Get to know your local police department. Most departments offer a crime watch program that help get your residents identify suspicious/criminal activity.

5. Remind residents of security tips like locking their doors and windows. Encourage them to report suspicious behavior. Local police can also offer tips or even make presentations. Although crime can happen anywhere and anytime, you should always be prepared!

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