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November 15th, 2018

Amenities That Draw In Renters

Managers and owners are always looking to get more potential renters into their buildings and offer them something uniquely different from other communities. Having certain amenities and unique features for your property can be hugely beneficial. Renters today are drawn to the typical amenities like pools and fitness centers along with homes that are unique and modern. Having tech-friendly amenities along with eco-friendly amenities has become a prevalent trend within the multifamily industry and resident favorite. These apartment attractions are drawing in new renters and making the current residents happy.

Eco-friendly apartment homes make renters feel good about helping the environment. Going green has become an essential factor for people looking for apartments. Have energy efficient appliances or recycling at your apartment homes can bring a lot of new renters. And not only will it bring in more renters but residents will be willing to pay more for these features. Another fantastic feature that renters are flocking to is tech-friendly apartment homes. Paying online is a simple amenity that can be implemented in more apartment communities. “According to a recent survey of property managers by Phoenix-based payment collection–system provider Billing Tree, only 50% of managers offer residents the ability to make monthly rent payments online, even though these portals save management staff accounting time and provide convenience for residents.

If apartment communities want to see more renters become a part of their community, they should strongly consider adding amenities like these to their apartment homes. These amenities not only benefit the residents but the management as well. With these practices in place, everybody wins.

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