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October 3rd, 2017

Being Green Could Mean Making Green

Did you know 40 million electric vehicle users are to be projected on the road just by 2030? To grow, you must adapt with what is growing around you and that is exactly what is happening in our multifamily industry.

Developers are creating a place to call home for renters that are green minded and environmentally conscious. As electric vehicles increase on the road, electric vehicle charging stations are becoming known in the multifamily industry. Being green, is the new and increasingly desired amenity and it is a huge selling point for a lot of individual people. Not only is it energy efficient but being green means saving green and in this case, it also means making green. The age of the green mind is here, and that translates into more people taking the steps to “Go Green.” This brings us to the topic of electric vehicle charging stations and how it is becoming not only a trend but a standard amenity.

Some developments are even considering paying tenants with electric vehicles to use a small amount of energy that the owner allows to be withdrawn. This is a win-win situation for both sides. The owner/tenant makes money from his or her vehicles and the development gets energy for less. As they say, “the American life is electric” it is seen in our daily life everywhere! As these electric vehicles increase on our roads, developers are designing these EV stations into the architectural plans of the multifamily markets. Get ready, because the future is here.

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