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June 7th, 2016

Best Practices for Reputation Management in the Multi-Family Industry

Multifamily businesses provide numerous options and opportunities for individuals and business owners. Digital marketing strategies often lead to effective and strategic marketing trends, which puts multifamily businesses in a positive or negative view. Which digital marketing strategy works best and why? Multifamily business owners rely on consumer feedback, which often makes or breaks the company’s reputation.

Why Does Reputation Management Matter?
When companies receive complaints from consumers, these postings are listed in several locations. These companies are found on social media platforms, forums, and chat rooms. The majority of feedback is done online, and individuals and consumers have formed a community of their own, and businesses have done the same.

The smart business owner will hire a reputation management consultant to follow the review left by consumers online. This will give business owners an idea of what type of service or services consumers are looking for. In the multifamily setting, consumer reviews can cripple an industry. Companies with reputation management skills use the data they collect to better serve their community.

For instance, the information gathered will analyze how many customers were dissatisfied, in what area of service did the company fail to satisfy the customer, was the performance of the company or service provider excellent, good, fair or poor, will you use this company again, will you recommend this company to your friends, why or why not. When all of these questions are answered, the multifamily structure can devise a plan to implement changes that will benefit both he industry and the consumer.

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