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September 14th, 2018

Building More Wellness in the Community

More and more apartments around the US are incorporating wellness designs and amenities into their apartments. Health and wellness have become a huge trend and have made their way into the apartment lifestyle. Newly built complexes are adding in extra wellness features to their communities with the goal of giving their residents more places to socialize and improve their overall lives. This trend doesn’t only benefit the residents but the building of these wellness features will actually help to draw in potential renters so there are benefits on both sides.

The type of features that are becoming popular and making great additions to apartment homes include dog washing stations, yoga studios, bicycle repair shops, gardens, and more. According to The New York Times, these will help “promote physical activity, interaction with nature and connection with the community beyond the property line”. These benefits of good health and wellness are taking residentials by storm particularly in Southern California. Multifamily apartment homes are not only adding wellness features to their communities, but they are also building homes in neighborhoods with an abundance of gyms, parks, and restaurants with healthy food options. This apartment lifestyle trend is growing fast and hopefully, with all its positive benefits, it will stay around.

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