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January 18th, 2019

Connections and Personalization

Connecting with your residents is a great way to make your residents feel more a part of the community and enjoy their homes that much more. A really fun way to go about making connections is hosting fun community get togethers and events for the residents to go to and socialize. Create exciting activities with fantastic themes within the community that residents can get involved in. This not only builds a connection between the management and residents but also a connection with the residents amongst one another.

Personalizing relationships between management and residents is also important. Get to know your residents better. Ask them about their lives and communicate with them on a familiar level. Keeping tabs on them, their interest, important events in their lives, etc. Connecting with them on this level will make them feel valued, making them more likely to stay. Improving resident life within your apartments improves your apartmentas a whole.

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