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January 9th, 2018

How Can Condos Differ From Apartments

New legislation for condos has forced many clients to consider creating condominiums for their residents. When it comes to design though, how exactly does a condo differ from an apartment design? Knowing a few of these important considerations can help multifamily players know just how to design the perfect home for future residents. Here are a few key differences to consider.

Exterior Style
Condos usually feature a more traditional and timeless architecture than their apartment counterparts. While apartment designs usually lean toward the trendy styles to attract new residents, condominiums utilize low-maintenance materials as their focus.

Parking is one of the key differences between the condo and the apartment residence. Condos feature many parking options for homeowners including private garages and tandem spots. Apartments, on the other hand, emphasize the garage itself, not the individual parking spot.

Interior Condo Details
Condos offer additional details that many apartment units do not. This includes higher quality sound proofing, larger bedroom sizes, and improved lighting design.

Remember that one of the major differences between these living arrangements is temporary living vs. permanent living. While apartments should offer designs and amenities to attract new residents, condos offer designs that are focused on permanency.

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