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August 23rd, 2018

How Protected is Your Apartment From Theft or Property Damage

Your home is your place of peace, it’s your safe space, but how safe is it really? Many apartment home residents don’t bother with worrying about home security, how to handle property damage, or taking anti-theft measures. The safety of your home is important, and you should not only know how to protect your home from theft and property damage, but you should also make sure you’re covered if something unfortunate like that happens. A lot of apartment home residents don’t know the importance of having renters insurance, for some apartment complexes this insurance is required and is contracted in the lease. For others the responsibility relies on the tenant to get it. Renters insurance can not only protect your home, but it may also protect your belongings.

Renters insurance can cover your personal belongings in your apartment if they get stolen or damaged. Renters insurance is generally inexpensive According to Steve Hein, senior vice president of multifamily housing at Assurant “the average annual cost is only $160, and that includes $10,000 in coverage for belongings, $100,000 in liability coverage/replacement cost, all with only a $250 deductible.” Among getting renters insurance it’s important to take prevention measures like making sure everything in your apartment is up to date and placing your valuables somewhere safe. When it comes to where you live, your safety and the safety of your home should be a huge priority.

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