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June 30th, 2015

How to Speed to the Lease–Tips from NAA Education Conference and Exposition

Las Vegas— To start off the education portion of the 2015 NAA Education Conference and Exposition, Kate Good, the senior vice president of the multifamily development and operations shared some of her own tips as an expert.

Good’s initial advice was to “stop looking for people who are looking for apartments and start looking for people who are looking for you.” Good’s main goal was to have us grasp that you need to understand where the customers are in their buying process so you can convert to their individual needs. Data shows 86 percent of renters feel it’s “extremely important” that response time meets their expectations when they’re looking for rentals. Potential renters would like immediate responses and answers. 91 percent of renters feel their internet inquiry should be responded to within four hours. Accommodating to these expectation shows the consumer punctuality and commitment, and will land a deal.

Over time, Good said that 7/10 times the first agent to respond to a lead leased the apartment. These days, people are always on their smartphones and have so many apartment-related apps available so getting ahead of your competition and grabbing potential renters is essential.

With access to any information a buyer/renter could possibly need on the Internet, the consumer has already done their homework. About 57 percent of the buying process is completed beforehand; The consumer is knowledgeable and know what they want.

Although we’re all doing most of our interacting through the screens of our smartphones and computers, take time to get on a personal level with your consumers—pick up the phone and speak to them. Schedule a tour right away and help them find their next home.

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