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October 26th, 2017

How to Use Virtual Reality Technology to Your Advantage

Virtual Reality (VR) may have seemed like a fantasy a decade ago, but in 2017, it has the power to completely reshape housing design, construction, and leasing. VR isn’t just for video game players, though. In fact, as people grow more comfortable with this high-tech software, it’s an important consideration for multifamily properties as well. Here are a few ways multifamily players are using this exciting technology to their advantage.

VR Tours
Let’s say a housing project is still under construction. This creates a potential challenge for prospective tenants. VR changes all of that. Renderings of amenities and community spaces can help future residents see actual 3-D spaces. New leases now have the opportunity to imagine themselves in a new home without having to step foot in a physical location.

VR for Construction Projects
Some multifamily players have adopted VR technology as an innovative tool that allows for cost mitigation during major construction projects. How can a simple piece of headgear help save properties money? Before the final finishes and materials are implemented, VR can help model possibilities and changes, all before the actual construction.

VR is a new technology, so choosing which products and software to utilize are important first steps. In any case, this latest trend only seems to be growing.

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