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July 26th, 2016

Latest Multi-Family Craze: Cashing In On Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has broken Apple download records and has spread rapidly around the world within a short period. Pokemon Go was created by Real World Gaming Platform Niantic and uses real locations to motivate players to search far and wide to discover Pokemon in the real world. The game has attracted entrepreneurs and marketers as the game has attracted millions of millennials, Gen Z’s and baby boomers. Reports from Cincinnati, San Francisco, and Williams-burg say renters and realtors are utilizing Pokemon Go in their marketing strategies to sell homes and sign leases. Here is a glimpse at some of the ways which marketers are seizing the opportunity:

Pokemon Go lease promotions:
Several students housing properties have launched these marketing campaigns. RezOne Waterloo is currently running a promotion that rewards a $200 Visa gift card to level 17+ players when they sign a lease. Elsewhere, the Hub at Columbia is incorporating Charizard into a ‘hot summer deal.’

Pokemon Go amenities:
Apartment marketers and realtors are already advertising Pokemon Amenities that are nearby as a selling point. These amenities may not be used to secure a lease but it does increase foot traffic and entertain potential residents.

Social media content:
Numerous student housing communities like West 20 in Florida are using this game’s curated content to attract their audience.

Catch-em all resident parties:
This is a quick way used by student housing communities to attract residents to engage with one another.

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