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March 27th, 2018

Latest Trends for Small-Space Apartment Living

It’s no secret that apartments have slowly been dwindling in size over the past few decades. However, a smaller unit space doesn’t mean that tenants should forego precious storage space. In fact, with the following space-saving products, multifamily properties can help residents make the most of their cozy space.

There are plenty of appliances that are being designed with small spaces in mind. Haier’s new line of appliances for small-space living is certainly one example. Their four-door French bottom refrigerator provided just as much space as their regular model. Deeper features and adjustable shelves make it an attractive feature as well. LG’s Combo TWINWash System is a new 2-in-1 laundry system that washes and dries. Not only does an appliance like this save space, but it’s also energy efficient, which is an attractive feature for many prospective tenants.

Hardware Resources
Make the most of closet spaces with tools from top-notch companies like Hardware Resources. For instance, their Revolving Boot and Shoe Racks pull out of the closet and pivot, allowing for greater ease of access. Plus, the revolving nature of this product features the ability to store more shoes and belongings than other traditional racks.

With so many products currently on the marketplace, there’s no reason why tenants can’t “live large” in a smaller space.

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