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May 28th, 2015

Renting: The Deal Breakers for Residents

When it comes to renting an apartment, residents know what they want, and they are easily turned-off. Here are the most common deal breakers for potential residents.

Lack of Parking
Make sure to be clear about the parking situation. Renters want to make sure their car is safe and they’re not roaming the streets looking for a parking spot.

When renters move, they want their new home to be in a convenient location. Emphasize your listing’s vicinity to shopping, schools, and public transportation. If your unit’s in a highly desirable spot, that alone can do the marketing for you.

Broken or Nonexistent Amenities
The absence of on-site laundry, air conditioning, and elevators may be a turn-off to a lot renters. Renters look for convenience and comfort. Some properties will offer free internet or utilities to offset the lack of amenities.

Renters call tell if the previous tenant had a pet, smoked, or even ate fried food. Strange odors will have renters running. Airing out the place, hiring carpet cleaners, removing the source of the odor, and using air fresheners will help.

A Dirty Unit
This will have renters turn the other way. If you haven’t bothered to clean before a showing, don’t expect a renter to sign a lease. Clean the unit and give it a good scrub. A clean unit says a lot about the community and also the management.

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