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Stout Management Company currently provides management and compliance services for units financed through the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Communities (LIHTC Section 42 program). Stout understands the importance of maintaining proper regulatory compliance with Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) regulations, and other regulatory agencies.

We employ an experienced team of compliance coordinators to monitor and assist with compliance issues. We are consistently up to date with max allowable rent changes and household income requirements.

Additionally, the majority of the affordable portfolio includes the oversight of nonprofit co-managing general partners. We work closely with these partners to assure compliance with all programs as well as daily involvement with the applicable social service providers.

We are committed to processing accurate Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) and Rental Assistance for Owners. The Affordable AR and Compliance team interacts directly with USDA-RD, HUD, and the Contract Administrator to ensure vouchers are processed timely and in compliance.

Screening, recertification, annual reporting and inspections are all handled by Stout Management Company’s dedicated staff to ensure your property meets its regulatory obligations.


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