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July 6th, 2017

Staying on Top of the Multi-Family Housing Market by Accommodating Pets

In the multifamily housing industry, it’s important to stand out from your competition. Common amenities include a pool, BBQ grills and a laundry room; standing out with unique amenities is the key to filling vacancies.

One amenity is commonly overlooked and should be considered as a unique, attracting feature: pet-friendly! Although people have enjoyed the luxury of owning pets for years, multifamily housing units have been split on this issue and as a result, fewer communities offer this luxury amenity.

There are however, downsides to being apet-friendly community, such as noise and cleanliness. Luckily, with a little bit of planning you can easily minimize the downsides. These solutions that will not only make pet-owners happier to pay a little more to live in your complex, but also keep those who don’t own pets content as well:

1. Consider having a “dog park”, even if it’s small, a designated place will minimize pet droppings around the community.

2. Invest in some sound-proofing equipment so you don’t have neighbors complaining about animal noises.

3. Consider having a pet of the month program, where on the elevators or main lobby, you frame a photo of a resident’s beloved pet with a cute, quirk profile attached to it. It’s a fun, unique way to get residents of the building to get to know one another.

4. If given the opportunity to redo your floors, opt for wooden floors versus carpet, as this may be a bit easier to keep clean in the long-term.

Can you think of any other ways to accommodate pets in your apartment complex?

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