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April 28th, 2015

The Multi-Family Industry: What to Expect

Ever since society has adapted to the digital world, businesses have seen a change in their consumers. Here are a few digital trends that you will notice amongst renters.

1. Mobile Matter

When it comes to looking for apartments mobile traffic has been reported as high as 40% of the total website traffic. If the growth continues, we could potentially see 50%+ mobile traffic to property sites within the next 2 years! According to, “nearly 60% of its viewed listing were accessed through a mobile device.”

2. Face-to-Face Interaction

Despite our digital dependence renters still need human interaction, especially when they need help. Although you may have the answer on your website, they want to confirm the information on your site is true. They also want to test out how you interact with them and they want to see what their experience might be if they had a question as a resident.

3. After Business Hours

There has been a recent trend in consumers searching and inquiring about apartments after business hours. Most of the time it’s late at night, right before they head off to bed. This is something that can’t be controlled. Property managers will just need to make sure they correspond with these residents the following morning.

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