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January 18th, 2019

The Must Have Amenity

Amenities are any feature that provides comfort, convenience, or pleasure in an apartment or apartment community. Great amenities are one of the major components that bring people through the door when it comes to multi family homes. Both apartment and community amenities are very instrumental in not only bringing in new residents but also keeping residents who have been there longer. In every apartment community, you can find different kinds of amenities that residents seem to love but there is one amenity in particular that is gaining more popularity, and that’s a fitness center.

The Era of Fitness Centers
Fitness centers are a huge plus to have in an apartment community because they save residents both time and money. Being able to go to a fully equipped gym right outside your home and not having to pay membership are both reasons a fitness center is so attractive. Now apartment owners are adding more to this already attractive amenity. Not only are they adding fitness centers to their apartment communities but they are now starting to include things like personal trainers, yoga classes, and very unique fitness equipment. Places like Arizona State University have off campus residency where they are enlarging their fitness centers to better cater to their residence. They’ve added things like a running track, rooftop pool, rock climbing wall and more.

With health and fitness in America being as popular as it is, it’s important to invest in things like fitness centers and additional features within the fitness centers to better cater to the residence. The more unique the amenities the more residents will want tolive there.

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