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April 12th, 2018

What Does the Apartment of the Future Look Like?

It’s hard to say what the apartment of the future will look like 5, or even 10 years from now. With rapid technological advances, there’s no telling what the future holds for multifamily properties. Regardless, we’re always trying to keep multifamily players up-to-date. Recently, design development teams have done an incredible amount of research on this very topic. We might not be able to say for certain what an apartment of the future looks like, but we can come pretty close. Here are the top apartment trends on the horizon.

On-Demand Services
With popular apps like Netflix, Uber, and others, it seems we’ve shifted to an on-demand consumer society. What does this mean for design developments? With 3-D printing on the rise, design developers note that future apartments will likely have access to 3-D printing technologies.

Pop-Up Experiences
It’s no secret that the retail industry has struggled recently to keep up with the current market trends. Services like “pop-ups,” which are flexible shopping and retail experiences, have emerged as a solution. For apartment complexes, “pop-ups” might include cooking classes one month and beauty products the next. When it comes to experiences, the flexibility of pop-ups helps to keep things fresh and interesting.

Of course, every property should take its own tenants and limitations into consideration when planning for the future. Important aspects like market trends, budget constraints, renter demographics, as well as location are all equally important factors.

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