Due Diligence

  DUE DILIGENCE Our trained Due Diligence Team will complete a comprehensive property evaluation to assess the interior, exterior, and administrative condition of a potential acquisition  

Renovation & Value-Add

  RENOVATION & VALUE-ADD Stout has been providing renovation oversight services to our clients for decades. We take our client’s vision for a property renovation and execute every aspect from start to finish. Our dedicated Project Manager is familiar with the process required, trades, and pace in which Value-Add projects must be completed.  

Mismanagement Turnaround

  Mismanagement Turnaround Buyers find opportunity in acquiring under performing assets. Investors identify issues with their existing management. Owners realize the financial loss occurring from self-management. Regardless of the reason, Stout has been called on for over four decades to turn around mismanaged assets. Our team of professionals have a proven track record of improving …

New Construction & Lease-Up

  NEW CONSTRUCTION & LEASE-UP Stout has the distinct ability to create an apartment community from the ground up. Over the past 40 years, we have consulted and collaborated, with developers, architects, and interior designers on new apartment construction and design resulting in a seamless transition beginning with the initial purchase of land.  

Accounting & Financial Production

  ACCOUNTING & FINANCIAL PRODUCTION Stout Management has a full-service Accounting Team that manages all financial aspects of your property. Comprehensive financial reporting is provided to each of our owners on monthly basis in the accounting method of their choice. All aspects of this process are handled at our corporate office to ensure consistency, timeliness …

Specialized Teams & Auditing

  SPECIALIZED TEAMS & AUDITING When it comes to ensuring the accuracy of your asset’s financial records, you need a partner you can trust. Stout has been earning that trust for over 40 years. Accurate and well-maintained records are an important indicator of the overall health of your asset. The Stout team provide proactive services …

Affordable Housing

  AFFORDABLE HOUSING Stout Management Company currently provides management and compliance services for units financed through the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Communities (LIHTC Section 42 program). Stout understands the importance of maintaining proper regulatory compliance with Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) regulations, and other regulatory agencies. We employ …

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