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February 3rd, 2016

What’s New in Multi-Family Housing

According to REIS.COM, multifamily living is on a three year winning streak in Las Vegas. In the third quarter of 2015, only 4.7 percent of Vegas multifamily units were empty, down .01% from the previous quarter. It’s no wonder. Gone are the days when multifamily housing was just the first stop on your way to …



February 2nd, 2016

Mutual Homes: The Wave of the Future?

Clark terrace Mutual Homes in central Las Vegas is the first cooperative housing development in the state. Mutual homes are a country-wide trend that may become the future of multi-family home ownership. Mutual homes, which are also known as cooperatives, work off of the premise that residents will take care of their community if they …



January 7th, 2016

The Green Initiative: Multi-Family Industry Goes Eco-Friendly

As a city located in the middle of a desert, Las Vegas is at an environmental disadvantage when it comes to making homes affordable and Eco-friendly. Ninety percent of the city’s water comes from Lake Mead, and low rainfall in the area cannot contribute much to the supply. Enter the green movement, the environmental initiative …



January 7th, 2016

The Latest in Multi-family

Despite the arid climate, the Multi-Family Real Estate Market in Las Vegas is absolutely fertile and recent listings show no signs of this market slowing down anytime soon! No matter the reason for exploring real estate options in Las Vegas, there is something to be had, at a reasonable price point! Median listing prices in …



December 2nd, 2015

Why Renting Beats Buying for Millenials

Accoring to Trulia, these Positive numbers mean that buying costs more than renting. Click here to download the full Rent vs. Buy cost considerations for the 100 largest U.S. metros. – See more at: here.



December 2nd, 2015

Renting in 2016–The Forecast

2016 is almost here and it might not be the year for new and first time home buyers due to affordability. Rising prices will force young renters to wait longer before buying a home. Zillow’s predicts that millennials will put off owning a home this year, especially for low-income Americans. If millennials do choose to …



November 4th, 2015

The Importance of Mandatory Renters Insurance

Only 43 percent of renters purchase insurance to cover their belongings and the unit in event of fire, smoke, water and explosion. This number includes residents in communities that have a mandatory renter’s insurance program. Property managers have pretty big responsibility to residents to make sure an asset is fully covered. When property managers maximize …



October 29th, 2015

How to Give Your Property an “Edge”

There’s a lot of competition when it comes to renting. If you’re looking for way to give your rental property an “edge,” here are some ways your community can stand out from the rest. It’s not about the upgrading the kitchen or bathrooms. It’s actually about the outdoor living space! In a study of Washington, …



September 30th, 2015

The Top Ten Factors That Impact the Rental Decision

Renting an apartment is a big decision. It’s a year commitment, so it’s understandable that renters are picky about their next home. Here are the most important factors that impact a renter’s decision. Top 10 Factors 1. Ability to pay online and without a fee 2. Perception of quality customer service 3. Able to easily …



September 29th, 2015

Paladin Preferred Capital’s $6.2 Million Deal

Paladin Preferred Capital, an affiliate of BRC Advisors, announced its forth acquisition in Dallas-Villa France, a 134-unit apartment complex in Irving Texas for $6.2 million. The community is located between Dallas and Fort Worth. The rent is affordable and offers units with large one, two and three bedroom floorplans. The amenities include a playground, swimming …



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